La Villa Strangiato
The Spirit Of Rush

Sunday 17th September

LA VILLA STRANGIATO is an Italian project, started in 2010 by Gabriele Ferrari and Carlo Fattorini, two professional musicians that have much international experience.

The original purpose of La Villa Strangiato was to revive Rush's music of the '70s and early '80s - the period of their maximum popularity.

The band formed in 2010 and, thanks to the contribution of several friends and musicians, they finally presented their first show (entirely dedicated to the album "Exit Stage Left") in Rome in March 2011.

Since then La Villa Strangiato have gone from strength to strength performing their Rush tribute in top, live music, venues and festivals all over Europe, culminating in a 2014 performance at “Rush Eucon” – the officially endorsed European convention of devoted Rush fans.

Through 2014/15 La Villa Strangiato hit the road with a specially dedicated production entitled “Rush 40”, a concert designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original band, taking in venues throughout the UK and Europe.

The success of that tour paved the way for their 2016 presentation: “Signals under Pressure”. The entire show was a step forward in time compared to previous productions performed by the band and featured highlights from the albums "Signals" and "Grace Under Pressure".

Doors @ 8pm and for early dinner 6pm

Advance tickets £14 + b/fee

With early dinner £31.45

(agency fee may apply when purchasing online)

On the night price £16

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