Big Blues Day

Sunday 2nd December

Band Line Up :

Dirty Diamond & The Gunslinger
Follow the old Kelvin river west… into the deep, dark, south of Kelvin Grove Park. There stood an old wooden shack…..Empty moonshine bottles littered the grass outside - the bottles glistening in the moonlight like scattered dirty diamonds…Inside the shack, around a warm gas-lamp glow, huddled three figures playing music like music that’s never been heard before……The guitars rang, voices howled and the beat throbbed against those old pine walls like a heartbeat bursting with the Blues! Welcome.... one and all.... to the Barndance.

Fraser John Lindsay
Fraser is a talented young session guitarist and music producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2011 Fraser released his debut album, Melodic Mayhem.  Since then he has continued to produce records for other artists as well as playing live and touring with many bands.

Dead Men's Shoes
Dead Men's Shoes are 4 piece Blues band based in the Livingston area. Formed in 2011, the band enjoy writing, recording and playing their own exciting brand of Blues. The band is Craig Arnott (vocals/keyboard),David Barry (guitar), Gavin Burns (bass/vocals), Calum Burns (drums).

Craig Hughes
This kind of blues isn't for the faint-hearted ... it's as if a Blues line-up of Black Sabbath had decided to play Tom Waits with a hint of Velvet Underground. Blues Matters!

Deadly Viper Guitar Squad
A tight-knit group who know their instruments and trust in each other to come up with The Goods.

Live music from 4pm

Advance Tickets £8

Lunch From £8.50