Friday 17th August

The Clapton-Xperience deliver an authentic, fresh, and exciting live performance capturing the essence of the British legend’s best material, from a catalogue spanning over 40 years. This is truly one of the most vibrant, original, and "true to the spirit of the music" renditions of Eric's many decades of music mastery! So sit back, relax, but get ready to jump to your feet as The Clapton-Xperience take you on a musical journey from the roots of original blues, to the electrifying psychedelia of the Cream era and then all the way through to the latest well honed "session performances" featuring the greats of today's "real music" scene...


with support from A-SIDE SOUL


Doors @ 8pm and for early dinner 6pm

Advance tickets £10.50 + b/fee.

With early dinner £24.45 + b/fee.

On the night price £12

Clapton-Xperience Website

A-Side Soul Website